lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

Canción Father to Son de Phil Collins

De padre a hijo

Phil Collins le dedicó esta canción a su hijo Simon. En ella le da consejos y le habla de la vida, asegurándole que estará siempre con él para apoyarle.
Somewhere down the road, you're gonna find a place
It seems so far, but it never is
You won't need to stay, but you might lose
your strength on the way

Sometimes you may feel you're the only one
'Cause all the things you thought were safe,
Now they're gone
But you won't be alone, I'll be here to carry you along
Watching you 'til all your work is done

And when you find your heart, you'd better run with it
'Cause when she comes along, she could be breaking it
No, there's nothing wrong, you're learning to be strong
Don't look back
She may soon be gone, so don't look back
She's not the only one, remember that

If your heart is beating fast, then you know she's right
If you don't know what to say, well, that's all right
You don't know what to do?
Remember she is just as scared as you

Don't be shy, even when it hurts to say
Remember, you're gonna get hurt someday, anyway
Then you must lift your head, keep it there
Remember what I said
I'll always be with you don't forget
Just look over your shoulder I'll be there.

If you look behind you, I will be there.

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